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Sunday, August 29, 2010

History Of Valentine's day

History Of Valentine's day

As early as the fourth century B.C., the Romans engaged in an annual young man's rite to passage to the God Lupercus. The names of the teenage women were placed in a box and drawn at random by adolescent men; thus, a man was assigned a woman companion for the duration of the year, after which another lottery was staged. After eight hundred years of this cruel practice, the early church fathers sought to end this practice... They found an answer in Valentine, a bishop who had been martyred some two hundred years earlier.

According to church tradition St. Valentine was a priest near Rome in about the year 270 A.D. At that time the Roman Emperor Claudius-II who had issued an edict forbidding marriage.
This was around when the heyday of Roman empire had almost come to an end. Lack of quality administrators led to frequent civil strife. Learning declined, taxation increased, and trade slumped to a low, precarious level. And the Gauls, Slavs, Huns, Turks and Mongolians from Northern Europe and Asian increased their pressure on the empire's boundaries. The empire was grown too large to be shielded from external aggression and internal chaos with existing forces. Thus more of capable men were required to be recruited as soldiers and officers. When Claudius became the emperor, he felt that married men were more emotionally attached to their families, and thus, will not make good soldiers. So to assure quality soldiers, he banned marriage.
Valentine, a bishop , seeing the trauma of young lovers, met them in a secret place, and joined them in the sacrament of matrimony. Claudius learned of this "friend of lovers," and had him arrested. The emperor, impressed with the young priest's dignity and conviction, attempted to convert him to the roman gods, to save him from certain execution. Valentine refused to recognize Roman Gods and even attempted to convert the emperor, knowing the consequences fully.
On February 24, 270, Valentine was executed.

"From your Valentine"
While Valentine was in prison awaiting his fate, he came in contact with his jailor, Asterius. The jailor had a blind daughter. Asterius requested him to heal his daughter. Through his faith he miraculously restored the sight of Asterius' daughter. Just before his execution, he asked for a pen and paper from his jailor, and signed a farewell message to her "From Your Valentine," a phrase that lived ever after.

Valentine thus become a Patron Saint, and spiritual overseer of an annual festival. The festival involved young Romans offering women they admired, and wished to court, handwritten greetings of affection on February 14. The greeting cards acquired St.Valentine's name.

The Valentine's Day card spread with Christianity, and is now celebrated all over the world. One of the earliest card was sent in 1415 by Charles, duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was a prisoner in the Tower of London. The card is now preserved in the British Museum.

Six Ways to make People Like You

Principle 1: Become genuinely interested in other people.
A simple way to make a good impression.
The expression one wears on one's face if far more important than the clothes one wears on one's back. Actions speak louder than words, and a smile says, " I like you. You make me happy. I am glad to see you." You must have a good time meeting people i f you expect them to have a good time meeting you. You don't feel like smiling? Then what? Two things. First, force yourself to smile. If you are alone, force yourself to whistle or hum a tune or sing. Act as if you were already happy, and that will tend to make you happy. "Action seems to follow feeling, but really action and feeling go together; and by regulating the action, which is under the more direct control of the will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling, which is not." -William James. Happiness doesn't depend on outward conditions. It depends on inner conditions. It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it. "There is nothing either good or bad," said Shakespeare, "but thinking makes it so." Your smile is a messenger of your good will. Your smile brightens the lives of all who see it. To someone who has seen a dozen people frown, scowl or turn their faces away, your smile is like the sun breaking through the clouds.

Principle 2: Smile.

If you don't do this, you are headed for trouble
The average person is more interested in his or her own name than all the other names on earth put together. Remember that name and call it easily, and you have paid a subtle and very effective compliment. But forget it or misspell it-and you have plac e yourself at a sharp disadvantage. Whenever you meet a new acquaintance, find out his or her complete name and some facts about his or her family, business or political opinions. Fix all these facts well in mind as part of the picture, and the next time you meet that person, even if it was a year later, you will be able to shake hands, inquire after the family, and ask about the hollyhocks in the backyard. Sometimes it is difficult to remember a name, particularly if it is hard to pronounce. Rather than even try to learn it, many people ignore it or call the person by an easy nickname. Most people don't remember names, for the simple reason that they don't take the time and energy necessary to concentrate and repeat and fix names indelibly in their minds. If you don't hear the name distinctly say excuse me I didn't get your name clearly. Then, if it is an unusual name, ask how it is spelled. Use the person's name several times in the conversation; try to associate it in your mind with the person's featur es, expression and general appearance. Then, when you are alone write the name down on a piece of paper, look at it, and concentrate on it, fix it securely in your mind, in this way you will gain an eye impression of the name as well as an ear impression.

How to say " I LOVE U " in 100 Languages ?

How to say I Love You in 100 Languages

English - I love you
Afrikaans - Ek het jou lief
Albanian - Te dua
Arabic - Ana behibak (to male)
Arabic - Ana behibek (to female)
Armenian - Yes kez sirumen
Bambara - M'bi fe
Bengali - Ami tomake bhalobashi (pronounced: Amee toe-ma-kee bhalo-bashee) (THX GVamp!)
Belarusian - Ya tabe kahayu
Bisaya - Nahigugma ako kanimo
Bulgarian - Obicham te
Cambodian - Soro lahn nhee ah
Cantonese Chinese - Ngo oiy ney a
Catalan - T'estimo
Cherokee - Tsi ge yu i (Thanks Nancy!)
Cheyenne - Ne mohotatse
Chichewa - Ndimakukonda
Corsican - Ti tengu caru (to male)
Creol - Mi aime jou
Croatian - Volim te
Czech - Miluji te
Danish - Jeg Elsker Dig
Dutch - Ik hou van jou
Elvish - Amin mela lle (from The Lord of The Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien)
Esperanto - Mi amas vin
Estonian - Ma armastan sind
Ethiopian - Afgreki'
Faroese - Eg elski teg
Farsi - Doset daram
Filipino - Mahal kita
Finnish - Mina rakastan sinua
French - Je t'aime, Je t'adore
Frisian - Ik hâld fan dy
Gaelic - Ta gra agam ort
Georgian - Mikvarhar
German - Ich liebe dich
Greek - S'agapo
Gujarati - Hoo thunay prem karoo choo
Hiligaynon - Palangga ko ikaw
Hawaiian - Aloha Au Ia`oe
Hebrew - Ani ohevet otekh (to female) (Thanks Morris)
Hebrew - Ani ohev otkha (to male) (Thanks again)
Hiligaynon - Guina higugma ko ikaw
Hindi - Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae
Hmong - Kuv hlub koj
Hopi - Nu' umi unangwa'ta
Hungarian - Szeretlek
Icelandic - Eg elska tig
Ilonggo - Palangga ko ikaw
Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu
Inuit - Negligevapse
Irish - Taim i' ngra leat
Italian - Ti amo
Japanese - Ainutseru
Kannada - Naanu ninna preetisuttene
Kapampangan - Kaluguran daka
Kiswahili - Nakupenda
Konkani - Tu magel moga cho
Korean - Sarang Heyo
Latin - Te amo
Latvian - Es tevi miilu
Lebanese - Bahibak
Lithuanian - Tave myliu
Luxembourgeois - Ech hun dech gäer
Macedonian - Te Sakam (Thanks Eden!)
Malay - Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu
Malayalam - Njan Ninne Premikunnu
Mandarin Chinese - Wo ai ni
Marathi - Me tula prem karto
Mohawk - Kanbhik
Moroccan - Ana moajaba bik
Nahuatl - Ni mits neki
Navaho - Ayor anosh'ni
Norwegian - Jeg Elsker Deg
Pandacan - Syota na kita!!
Pangasinan - Inaru Taka
Papiamento - Mi ta stimabo
Persian - Doo-set daaram
Pig Latin - Iay ovlay ouyay
Polish - Kocham Ciebie
Portuguese - Eu te amo
Romanian - Te iubesc
Russian - Ya tebya liubliu
Scot Gaelic - Tha gra\dh agam ort
Serbian - Volim te
Setswana - Ke a go rata
Sign Language - ,\,,/ (represents position of fingers when signing'I Love You')
Sindhi - Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan
Sioux - Techihhila
Slovak - Lu`bim ta
Slovenian - Ljubim te
Spanish - Te quiero / Te amo
Swahili - Ninapenda wewe
Swedish - Jag alskar dig
Swiss-German - Ich lieb Di
Surinam - Mi lobi joe
Tagalog - Mahal kita
Taiwanese - Wa ga ei li
Tahitian - Ua Here Vau Ia Oe
Tamil - Nan unnai kathalikaraen
Telugu - Nenu ninnu premistunnanu
Thai - Chan rak khun (to male)
Thai - Phom rak khun (to female)
Turkish - Seni Seviyorum
Ukrainian - Ya tebe kahayu
Urdu - mai aap say pyaar karta hoo
Vietnamese - Anh ye^u em (to female)
Vietnamese - Em ye^u anh (to male)
Welsh - 'Rwy'n dy garu di
Yiddish - Ikh hob dikh
Yoruba - Mo ni fe

Sixteen signs that you like someone

Sixteen signs that you like someone


When you're on the phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago.


You read their Texts and Ims Over and over again.


You walk really slow when you're with them.


You feel shy whenever they're around.


When you think about them, your heart beats faster but slower at the same time.


You smile when you hear their voice.


When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her.


You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them.


They're all you think about.


You get high just from their scent.


You relize you're always smiling when you're looking at them.


You would do anything for them, just to see them.


While reading this, there was one person on your mind this whole time.


You were so busy thinking about that person, you didnt notice number twelve was missing


20 Signs Of True Love

20 Signs Of True Love!!

1) Your heart beats faster when you hear their name
2) Your body melts when you are in their arms
3) They are the only one that you want to be with
4) No one else is even worth looking at
5) You would walk 3 miles in the snow just to see them
6) You will do everything in your power to make them happy
7) When someone asks for your number, you say "you can call my boy/girl friend and get it from them
Cool When every romantic thing makes you think of them
9) When you cry when you won't see each other for a while
10) You go to sleep thinking about them
11) You wake up thinking about them
12) You want to spend every moment with them
13) You don't mind if all they want to do is cuddle
14) Silence doesn't bother you
15) They are not only your lover, but also your best friend
16) You can tell them anything
17) You can go to the movies and actually WATCH the movie
1Cool They are always there for you
19) They are there when times are rough
20) When you say, "I LOVE YOU" and mean it...

How 2 Keep Your GirlFriend Happy

How 2 Keep Your GirlFriend Happy.....

1 - Dont laugh at her. If shes trying 2 tell u something important and its hard for her, dont laugh it will make it even harder.

2 - Tell her u love her, but only if u really mean it. Tell her 2 on her face and not over an sms or over the net, it will mean alot more if u tell her in person.

Dont worry if u cant find the right time 2 say it theres never a wrong time to tell someone u love them, and she will tell u she loves u 2 coz she wouldnt be with u if she didnt love u.

3 - Buy her little presents 2 show that u love her, it doesnt have 2 cost much it can be cheap as long as its nice she'll love it and she'll love u even more for it, and u might even get a present from her

4 - Always offer 2 pay for things when u go out but dont pay all the time, if she wants 2 pay for herself let her.

If u hav a girl that always wants u 2 pay for her and she doesnt offer 2 pay for herself tell her u dont have much money and ask if she would like 2 pay for herself, but if she wont u'll probably be better off without her coz if u stay with her u'll never have any money for urself coz she'll spend it all.

5 - Dont ever hurt her. If ur mucking about and u accidently hurt her u should apologize but if she still goes mad at u it will be coz it really hurt, so if she does go mad an still hits u bk give her a cuddle and tell her u relly didny mean it.

6 - Never ever cheat, she'll always find out, even if u thuink ur bein smart cheatin on her wi someone she'll never meet, chances r one of her friends will know her or one of ur friends will tell her.

7 - Dont keep secrets if u do she'll start 2 get paranoid and think ur cheating on her

8 - Dont lie its worse that keeping secrets coz u'll make her feel like u dont trust her and cant tell her anything so she'll keep secrets 2 and wont tell u anything.

9 - Always give her a kiss and a cuddle, even if ur out with ur friends.

10 - Never ever talk about how good looking other girls or women on the tv are u'll make her feel really bad, and she'll think u dont find her attractive.

And never talk about ur exs, unless ur saying something really horrible about them, she'll think u still like them and u dont like her as much

11 - If shes got guy friends and she talks 2 them alot dont get jealous and think that shes goin 2 cheat on u theyre only friends nothings goin 2 happen between them.

12 - If she looks upset about something ask her whats wrong, but if she says nothing that means she doesnt want 2 talk about it and theres nothing u can do 2 make her talk about it so just give her a cuddle coz it will make her feel alot better.

13 - Always ask her how her days been she'll always have something 2 say, and it will show that u care.

14 - If she does smoething that really annoys u, u have 2 tell her u cant jst go in a mood or she wont know wot she did wrong, she will really appreciate u telling her coz she'll know not 2 do it again.

15 - Whenever u talk about the future always talk about it as if u r going 2 be together forever it will make her feel like u really love her and u always want 2 be with her.

Teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy means the girls who are under eighteen are pregnant
called teenage pregnancy
. According to doctors this is dangerous for both child and mother. It not only takes life of the mother but also takes the life of a child.

Teen abortion has many risks. Many scientists has proven that abortion may be a reason of breast cancer, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, depression, and the contraction of Viral Hepatitis, not to mention death due to excessive bleeding or other complications. Or Hormones are to blame for the drastic mood swings pregnant women have during pregnancy. As you feel that the life inside you has start to grow and you will become connect to this. So this decision changes your life dramatically.

Teen abortion will affect you well into the future. Also you will feel cramping as the excess blood is discharging from your body -- similar, but not as strong as, the pains felt during labor and delivery. This physical effect may cause you to feel an emotional emptiness you have never felt before. So it may be a strong decision for you also your teens.

Teenage Alcoholism

Alcoholism is an addiction any day; an addiction, which is not having mercy for anyone. It doesn’t see the age of the victim before devastating his or her life. Alcoholism just creeps in and destructs the present and future of the victim.

  • Being influence by the parent(s) who themselves are victim to alcoholism. Studies have shown that is a one of the major causes, as the kid grows up in an atmosphere where alcohol consumption was extensive.
  • Teenagers are young and very vulnerable to fall for something that they feel is trendy. Alcohol being one of them. They think it is fashionable to drink and that’s how they fall habitual to alcohol.
  • It is a wonderful form of escapism and bliss for the youngsters. As they feel overburdened by the pressures of studies or competition, they wouldn’t hesitate to sip alcohol, making them forget every thing. Eventually they become habitual of the same.


The problem of teenage pregnancy in the United States can be stated in the form of a paradox: the more
it has been solved, the worse it has gotten. In metaphorical terms—it looks as if somebody is pouring gasoline
on the fire.
Does the solution perhaps lie in more sex education classes? Not according to the U.S. Secretary of
Education, William J. Bennett. "Seventy percent of all high-school seniors had taken sex education courses in
1985, up from 60 percent in 1976,” he notes. "Yet when we look at what is happening in the sexual lives of
American students, we can only conclude that it is doubtful that much sex education is doing any good at all."
Consider the statistics, described by Bennett as "little short of staggering":
• By the time they are 17 more than half of America's teenagers have had sexual intercourse.
• There are more than a million teenage pregnancies in the United States each year. Nearly half of the teenagers
who give birth are under 18.
• Between 1960 and 1980 teenage births doubled.
• While the rate of teenage pregnancy is at or near an all-time high, the teenage birthrate declined 25 percent
between 1970 and 1984. This was accomplished by a doubling of the teenage abortion rate. Over 400,000
teenage girls a year have abortions in the United States.
• As matters stand now, 40 percent of today's 14 year-old girls will become pregnant by the time they are 19.

The Real Problem with Teenage Girls


For a lot of the teenage girls in this century including me is that they want to be popular, but don’t have a clue how to become popular. If you were the right clothes, just do what you are supposed to do, go to all the parties where you’re invited to and of course hang around with the good people you’ll think you’re in, but it’s more complicated then that. If you come into a new school you have to become popular right away, otherwise you’re never going to be popular.


that’s just one of our problems, Many of us think they are really fat and want to lose weight because we only fit a size 8. If you look in the mirror you see that you have a belly and you’re ashamed if you are going to the swimming pool or to the beach. We’re getting very insecure because we think we’re fat, but we aren’t. That’s just the way we see ourselves, we can’t handle it. But the only thing you have to think about when you see a very skinny women is just: I don’t want to be that skinny, if I want that I can’t have crisps, cake and all that kind of nice things. It would be hell if we have to miss that, because it’s just so incredible nice to eat.

Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

And for some girls boyfriends are also a big problem, they don’t know who they love. Imagine somebody asks you out and you’re beginning a relationship with him and after a while you come to the conclusion that this was the biggest mistake of your life. You’re at school and you have to tell him, but you’re afraid because he’s sweet and he did nothing wrong, but you actually realized that you don’t like guys. You like girls instead, it’s just a problem where you don’t want to talk about to anybody. You know somebody have to know, because you won’t deal with this problem all by yourself, but it’s just that you don’t want to be prejudiced only because you like girls… I think that’s the biggest problem of some girls, especially teenage girls, because the don’t like to be prejudiced and are afraid to say their emotions to other people.

10 ways to learn to love your looks

Study beauty role models: Not to wish you looked like them, but to notice their uniqueness. Think Lauren Hutton’s gap-toothed smile, Andie MacDowell’s tightly-curled hair, Susan Sarandon’s subtle smile lines. Embrace your own unique features.

Splurge on a great haircut: Well-cut hair always looks gorgeous, making you feel that much more beautiful.
Break a bad habit: If you bite your nails, stop. Pick at dry skin? Hands off! Then celebrate your new, good habit with a manicure or a luxe body cream.

Embrace your hair: Wrestling with your tresses usually results in a less-than-pretty outcome. Instead, learn to work with your curls or sleekness, and your hair is guaranteed to look better.
Pare down your makeup: You most likely don’t need foundation, cover-up, cream blush, lip liner, eye liner, eye shadow, contour cream, lip gloss, matte powder…. Instead, limit yourself to the basics and see your skin shine through.

Find your perfect lipstick: One that looks ultra-natural and that brings out your eyes works best (and looks great when you’re wearing no other makeup at all!). Ask a cosmetic salesperson for suggestions.
For one full day, wear no makeup: Be sure it’s a day when you have to venture outside, even if it’s only to go to the drugstore! Note how people treat you just the same when you’re barefaced as when you’re “done.”

Keep your eyebrows groomed: Makeup artists swear that well-kept eyebrows pull your look together, even without any makeup at all.
Get real: It’s okay to admit you’ll never look like Cindy Crawford or Patty Hansen. It’s also okay to be happy about it!

List your life successes: Chances are, they are all things that have nothing to do with your looks. Looks are just one part of your awesome package!

How to Control Curly Hair in Summer

First of all, understand that if you were born with curly hair, 90 percent (if not more) women with straight hair have been jealous of your hair at some point. Women with limp, stick-straight hair spend hours of their lives with curling irons trying to mimic what comes naturally to you. How do I know this? I have straight hair. I own four curling irons.
Now that we've gotten that out of the way, there are pros and cons to having curly hair. The pros include body and the fact you don't suffer from Oily Hair Syndrome and therefore have to wash your hair every day. The cons include frizz and Puffy Hair Syndrome, which tends to happen in high humidity and when the hairdresser gets too snip-happy. But there are secrets to living with curly hair and I've discovered every single one of them.Secret #1:

Thou Shalt Not Fight Your Natural Curl on Humid Days
If you're in a hot, humid climate, you might as well put away your flat iron. You might spend hours straightening your hair, only to step outside and ... POOF!

So what to do in humid climes? Embrace the curl. We'll get more into that in a bit.

Secret #2:

If You Want to Go Straight, You Can One of the great benefits to curly hair is with a little bit of muscle or chemicals, you can go straight. Nicole Kidman has been sporting stick straight hair on the red carpet for years now, but the truth is, she has super curly hair. There are several types of professional hair straightening available, it's just a matter of finding one that fits into your budget and your hair texture. The solution used is much like a perm, only instead of curly hair, it straightens it.

Even after a professional straightening, you'll likely need to iron hair. Invest in a great ionic flat iron --it's much less time-consuming and a great iron won't fry your hair.

Secret #3:
No, You are Not Destined for a Life Full of Frizz
As you likely well know by now, humidity can wreak havoc on curly hair. Curly hair tends to be dry and therefore vulnerable to humid air -- it simply wants to soak up moisture. This causes cuticles to expand, which causes frizz.
The secret to keeping frizz at bay involves a few products: a leave-in conditioner, a deep conditioner and a styling product involving silicone. If you have curly hair, these should be staples in your bathroom cabinet. All either keep the hair moisturized or protects the cuticle from moisture.

Preventing frizz is basically a four-step process: deep condition once a week. Apply a leave-in conditioner to ends after a shower. When styling hair, apply a serum that contains silicone (look for "dimethicone" on the bottle) to wet hair, coating every curl.
Secret #4:
There are Right Ways & Wrong Ways to Use a Blow Dryer
The blow dryer can be a curly girl's nightmare if used improperly. To avoid poof, let hair airdry as long as possible, then blow dry hair with a diffuser. If you don't use a diffuser, aim the blow dryer nozzle downward, in the direction hair grows.
How to use a diffuser: Hold the dryer under hair, squeezing curls in your palm as you dry hair.

Secret #5:
Throw Out That Brush & Invest in a Comb
A comb is your best friend, a brush is not. Some women swear off even the comb, preferring finger-combing (I know of one woman who swears she's never, ever combed or brushed her hair).
Combing hair is great, because it ensures you're coating locks with that silicone serum you have dutifully purchased.

Secret #6:
Curly Hair Looks Best Long-ish
Remember when actress Kerri Russell cut off her famous long, curly locks and the public went ballistic? Turns out her long hair was beloved and she just didn't look so great with short hair.
The problem with short hair on curly women is that short hair doesn't look good. That's all a matter of face shape. The fact is short hair tends to be poofy. Curls need length to weigh them down, so women with curly hair tend look best with hair that grows below the shoulders. When I say "below the shoulders" I mean when hair is dry.

Secret #7:
The Most Flattering Type of Haircuts
Curly hair tends to look best with layers cut into it. Without layers, long curly hair tends to resemble a Christmas tree.
I almost always advise women to seek out stylists who are experienced in cutting curly hair. This can be daunting, I know, because if you call a salon and ask for such a thing you'll likely be assured that all the stylists can cut curly hair. If you admire another curly woman's hair, get her stylist's number. It could be the most coveted seven digits in your cell phone.

Extra tip: Stylists with curly probably know how to cut curly hair.

Secret #8:
Some Styles Look Better on You Than Anyone Else
Personally, I think ballerina bands, which are utterly hot right now, look best on women with curly hair. There are some romantic updos that I covet and that look good only on naturally curly hair. After all, when one thinks "romantic updo," the image conjured up in the mind is not a sleek chignon. It is curly hair pulled back and up. Just be careful with the tendrils, which are too '80s.
The half-up, half-down hairstyle is also very romantic and looks great on curly hair.

Also headbands. Headbands look fabulous with curly hair, which leads me to ...

Secret #9:
Headbands are an Excellent Choice When You're Short on Time
For curly-haired women short on time, a headband can be a lifesaver. If you pull hair back in a band while it's damp, it's a great way to "flatten" hair at the crown, leaving the curls at your hair's ends. Later you can pull off the hairband and you'll have gorgeous body.

Secret #10:
Loose Buns are Utterly Sexy
Because you abide by secret #5, chances are you have long hair and long hair looks fabulous pulled back in a loose bun. To get this look, simply pull hair back, then twist at the nape of the neck into a bun. Secure with a rubber band. Loose and messy is good, tendrils are not.

How To Wear A Saree

Step 1
Start with the Inner Edge(least patterned plain end) of the Saree, with the Fall (lined border) falling along the inside of the bottom edge. Tuck the Inner Edge into the waistband of the Petticoat slightly to the right side, with the rest of the saree wrapping round to the left. The amount you tuck in depends on how tall or short you are or how long you want to wear the saree.
Step 2
Measure the length of the Pallu (the fanciest patterned end of the saree that falls on the outside so that the design can be seen). This will be on the other end of the Saree from the end you have just tucked in. Take this measured Pallu Length (approx. 1 metre) and take it behind you from your left and forward again from your right.
Step 3
Take the Pallu that you have just brought forward from your right, and fling it over your left shoulder for the time being, so it is out of the way. This is done to see how much of the Saree should be pleated into the waistband. The Saree now left in front of you is pleated to tuck into the waistband.

Step 4
Pleat the remaining Saree into five to six inch wide pleats
Step 5
Hold all the pleats together, making sure the bottom end is level with the rest of the Saree all round.
Step 6
Tuck this bundle of pleats in one movement into the waistband of the petticoat, thus securing it.
Step 7
The Pallu of the Saree can now be arranged to suit your own style. The style normally and most commonly used is flinging the Pallu over the left shoulder or pleating it and pinning it to the left shoulder, so that the Pallu can swing open at the back. Two of the most popular methods of draping the Pallu are shown below.
Gujarati Style

This is a traditional draping style from the state of Gujarat . It is easier to manage and suited for draping Heavily Worked / Bridal / Silk Sarees. After tucking the pleats into your Petticoat (Step 6) remove the Pallu section from your left shoulder (over which it had been flung earlier to keep out of the way in Step 3). Bring part of the Pallu forward from your back by draping it over your right shoulder. The Pallu can now be arranged into an upside-down fan-shape from your right shoulder. The remainder is left to hang behind in a J-shaped arc from the back of your left hip where it is still tucked into the waistband, to the back of your right shoulder.

Easy Steps To Get Kissable Lips

Get Kissable Lips

Get Kissable Lips Pretty up your pout with these 5 easy steps.

Smooch-Worthy Secrets

Make your pucker irresistible with these sexy-lip tips:

1. Keep them soft. Beat dryness and flaky skin by applying a non-medicated lip balm throughout the day. Wear it alone or under lipstick.

2. Plump up fine lines. As we age, our lips become thinner and develop fine lines. Try a lip-plumping lipstick primer to fill in lines before you apply color.

3. Give lipstick staying power. Lining and filling in lips with a lipliner pencil will make lipstick stay on longer. Pick a liner that's the same color, or at least the same tone, as your lipstick.

4. Fake fullness. If you'd like your lips to look fuller, carefully line lips right outside your natural lip line (don't take this too far, or it will look obvious). Fill in lips with liner, then apply color.

5.Stop lipstick bleed. If your lipstick bleeds into fine lines around your mouth, apply a lipstick sealant to keep the color in place.

Skin Care By Herbal Method

Here are 22 practical Herbal Tips for Skin Care from the experts! Very easy to use and effective.

1) Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

2) Cut some beet root into small pieces and grind them. Squeeze juice from beet root and massage to your face for 5 minutes.
Shower after 10 minutes with mild soap or gram flour.

3) Mix sandalwood powder with rose water and add 4 to 5 drops of milk in it and apply on to your face and body.
Shower after 15 minutes with warm water.

4) Mix honey in water and drink daily in the morning to keep your skin shiny and smooth.

5) Warm honey and mix with lemon juice and apply on to face. Wash after it dry.

6) Mix Turmeric, sandal powder and olive oil and apply to body. Shower after 10 minutes.

7) Massage your skin with milk. Milk has moisturizer, it will keep your skin smooth.

Use humidifiers and keep room temperature moderate to keep your skin away from dryness.

9) Hot water blushes your skin and you don't feel fresh unless you have bath with little cold water.
If you have shower for a longtime, dead skin will be automatically be removed. Do not rub with towel,
be gentle on your skin.

10) Take food which contains more A and C vitamin.

11) Grate carrot and boil. Massage that mixture to body to get fair and smooth skin.

12) For natural bleaching: - mix milk and lemon juice. The
milk will break as soon as you mix the lemon juice in it. Use that mixture to massage on your body.
It works as natural bleaching.

13) Mix turmeric and cream on the top of milk, massage that mixture to body.

14) If you go into sun your skin will lost the fair ness.
To get your skin color to normal take equal quantities of cucumber juice and tomato juice and apply on to skin.
Shower after 10 minutes.

15) Massage mustard oil to your skin for 5 minutes and have shower with gram flour or mild soap.

16) Mix cream on the top of milk and all-purpose flour and apply that paste on to your skin avoid eyes,
eyebrows and lips. Shower after 5 minutes. This will make skin smooth.

17) Mix curds (yogurt) with wheat flour and apply to your skin and take shower after 5 minutes.

1 Grind rose petals and mix with cream on the top of milk and apply to your body. Shower after 10 minutes.

19) Scaly skin is a result of fluorine deficiency. Fluorine is the anti-resistant element of the human body,
the absence of which creates problems in the blood and spleen. Since cooking and heating foods destroys fluorine,
it is better to eat uncooked raw fruits and vegetables. Other foods rich in fluorine are goat milk and cheese, rye flour,
avocados, sea plants and cabbage, cream whey and cottage cheese.

20) Wrinkle skin is a result of Sodium deficiency and makes skin sticky.
Cucumbers are ideal for combating and preventing sodium deficiency because they are not only high in sodium,
but also help in keeping the body cool, a great summer's treat.

21) Skin rashes are the result of silicon deficiency.
To avoid pus and rashes, eat plenty of sprouts, alfalfa, barley, tomatoes, spinach, strawberries and figs.

22) Skin eruptions are the result of Chlorophyll. And are found in wheat grass and other green leafy vegetables

Fashion Tips for girls

Looking sexy and gorgeous is a matter of knowing your body, knowing what to wear and how to wear right kind of clothes. Dressing up is an art and if one can master this art then one can be on top of the world. The important thing about dressing right is you should look slim and tall in whatever you wear, no matter what your weight is. Even fat women can look slim if they know the tricks of fashion. Following are the tips that will make women look gorgeous, elegant and stunning!

Pick one hue. Dressing head-to-toe in a single dark color, like navy or black, is the single best way to look like a person has lost a lot of weight.

Skip large patterns. Smaller patterns fool the eye and make for a more delicate look. One should not wear patterns on top and bottom since it tends to add more weight.

You should slip on the right length skirt and stick to just-above-the-knee skirts that play off knees and elongate legs. You should avoid a mid calf skirt, which draws attention to the widest part of the legs, making them look heavier.

Capri pantCapri pants are surprisingly slimming, especially if you stick to dark denim or black and wear those that aren`t too short or too long. They should end at the least-wide part of your calves, ideally a few inches above the ankle.

Wear a sexy T-Shirt. V-neck and deep scoop neck T-shirts elongate the neck and make the torso appear longer by showing off your collarbone.

You can wear clothes, which have thin vertical stripes on anything. They can be the pants, shirts, skirts or dresses, they create the illusion of a longer, leaner body.

Slim down with color. Hot summer hues like pink and yellow catch the eye and are good for body parts you want to play up. Pair them with black, brown or navy -- dark colors recede and are best for areas that you`d like to draw the eye away from.

Office wearFor office wear in western outfits` try out colours like khakis, olives, navy blue, black, beige and off-whites in synthetic fabrics. For Indian wear try wearing cottons linens in fresher tones of peaches, mints, light powder blues and mauves in delicate, soft and classic prints.

Thus if you plan to wear a black trouser, then match it withy a sleeveless jacket in another colour. Add two or three options in neutrals, pastels and a dark bright colour to pair with the trousers.

Darker bottoms with lighter tone tops work out as a practical choice and look great. Team dark brown colours with rust and see the effect. This combination looks excellent and gives a brighter and warmer look. Similarly grays can be paired with blues to achieve cooler looks.

Evening wear no doubt is more design and trend oriented therefore choose it in metallic sheens of dark and bright colours in streamlined clean cuts, offset with colourful scarves, brooches and other accessories. Your evening wear colour scheme must be in blacks, grays, jewel tones of ruby reds, jade greens and mauves, tones of gold and silver convey a feeling of mystery.

Pull out that A-line dress. A gently flared A-line cut is universally flattering and hides large hips.

Look for a pair that sits lower on your waist. And go for boot cut, it is the slight flare fits over sandals and will give you longer, lankier legs.

Wear your pants on the longer side, so they break over the middle of the foot.

Sport three-inch heels. High heels give you a thinner profile and silhouette.

Avoid ankle-strap sandals. The more of your leg and the top of your foot you show, the longer your leg line will appear.

Evening bagPick a well-proportioned purse. Petite women look sexiest with smaller bags, while large women look best with medium-size purses.

Long, skinny earrings and sleek pendant necklaces elongate and slim the face and body with their vertical lines.

Skinny bangles or a bracelet-style watch make your arms look thinner by creating space around your wrist, which fools the eye, making you look slim.

Dark colours such as olive, black, charcoal grey, and navy help make areas appear smaller so wear them where you think you need it. For most women it`s from the waist down.

Avoid shiny or heavily textured fabrics. Shiny fabrics reflect light, making any area appear larger. Heavily texture fabrics only add extra weight.

Sewn-down pleats in skirts and blouses can both create a slimming effect. Include vertical lines in your accessories, such as long chains worn around the neck.

Avoid extensive use of horizontal lines - belts, boat-collar blouses and border print skirts. These styles can add extra width to your body frame.

If you want to appear thinner incorporate dark, cool and dull colours and textures. Dull textures absorb the light like wool or cotton. Some very slimming colours include black, navy, olive, violet, charcoal grey, chocolate brown, plum, eggplant and burgundy.

Fashion Myths

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand. The way you dress, the way you present yourself and the way you carry off your clothes depends on how much you know and relate to fashion. Sometimes we think that we know all about fashion but there are a few fashion myths that ought to be revealed.

Black dressBlack goes with everything
Black works well with dark colours and neutrals although it looks best with another black item thrown into the mix instead of one random piece. Black also looks great mixed in equal proportions with white. But too much black is too harsh against pastel colours so a balancing act is needed. However, black can be a woman`s best friend if she wants to look slim.

Big girls can`t wear prints
Flattering dressing is all about balancing proportions. The safest tip to remember is to avoid extremes. This means that if a person is bigger or smaller than average, she should not wear huge loud checks or tiny ditsy florals. Instead, you should go for medium prints that are eye-catching without being loud.

Baggy clothesBaggy clothes make a person look slimmer
On the contrary, baggy clothes make a person look fat. Waisted jackets, frill-edged skirts, scoop necklines and fitted tops are much more slimming than over-sized tunic tops.

Designer clothes are better quality and value
Some items like coats, tailored trousers and evening gowns are worth spending money on because the fit is key. Other things need not at all be such expensive designer stuff.

Fashion Flaws

One is considered beautiful not only by their features but by the way they dress up, by their confidence and their style. If you have mastered all these then you have a very lethal combination and you will be able to rule the world by your beauty and charm. However you often make certain fashion mistakes, which though according to you do not matter but infact these mistakes affect your sense of fashion and style immensely.

Wearing the wrong colours
This is one of the biggest fashion mistakes that you can commit. Just remember one thing that all colours don`t suit your skin tone. The colour that looks great on your colleague or the actress you saw in the soap might not look great on you. Infact it might look the contrary. Therefore you have to learn to recognize which colour suits you and also the profession to which you are associated. Experiment with different colours and stick with the palettes that look best on you, regardless of what`s hot and happening. Don`t waste your money on clothes that make you look pale and ugly.

Wrong make-upInapt makeup
Proper Makeup is an important aspect of fashion. For every occasion you require an appropriate makeup i.e., light for day, heavier for evening, sheer for sports etc. You wear different clothes for different activities in you life; similarly your makeup should change as per occasion.

Rundown shoes
You will look complete only if you are dressed appropriately from top to bottom. Therefore even your shoes should be appropriate for the occasion and should go with your dress. Don`t wear shabby, unpolished and rundown shoes. Polish them regularly. Use a felt tip marker on scuffs, and put a piece of soft carpet under your feet when you drive. And most importantly, invest in a good pair if you`re going to wear them every day. Spend on your shoes that will give you comfort and will look great on you.

Wearing a size too small
If an outfit doesn`t fit, don`t wear it. Squeezing into a size that is too tight for you may feed your vanity, but it will make you appear overfed to everyone else. If the dress you are wearing is not comfortable and you cannot sit or walk properly then it is not going to make you feel beautiful at all and you are definitely not going to look your best. Find clothes that fit or have them tailored to fit and look your best.

Slips that show
The next fashion mistake will be letting your slip show from under your skirt. Don`t use the same slip for all dresses since it might not be proper for all. Buy slips in several lengths and replace them once the elastic wears. For the most discreet linings, buy slips in the colours you wear most often, like black, navy, beige, and white.

Smelling awful
There are some people who smell terrible despite using good perfumes. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fresh fruits and green salads. Buy deodorant that works with your body. You may have to try a few to find the best one for you, and you may need to change every now and again if your chemistry changes, like after having a baby, starting new medication and going through menopause.

Broken nails, chipped polish
Manicure is a must. Keep your nails clean and evenly trimmed. Always have clippers and a nail file in your purse and desk at work for emergencies. If you`re in a business environment, stick with conservative nail polish colours at work and save the sparkly/neon/funky looks for weekends and vacations. Don`t grow your nails too long if you are working

Take Care Of Lips

A beautiful smile lights up a day. It makes your face more beautiful and lively. Your lips are the most important and sensitive part of your body. And therefore you have to take special care of your lips. You will be surprised to know that our lips unlike most part of our body do not have any melanin pigment to protect them. Lips are covered on the outside by a thin layer of skin and on the inside by virtually transparent mucous membranes. Therefore it is necessary to take care of our lips and to eat well-balanced food and lots of fruits. Dark lips and Cracked lips are the common problem:

Here are some tips for:

Dark lips - Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, stop smoking and avoid-lipstick. Apply a layer of oil and leave it on for several hours. Best apply before going to bed. Mix coconut oil and almond oil in equal quantity. Apply a coat of this on the lips and leave on overnight. This has to be done daily for at least two weeks for best results. Every night with a mixture of 1/2 tsp. Glycerine and 1/2 tsp. Castor oil with 1/2 tsp. Lemon juice apply your lips and leave overnight. Apply cream from curds with saffron on your lips.

Cracked lips - Protect the lips from weather by applying heavy plain cream.
Avoid licking your lips. To cure dry chapped lips apply peanut butter or coco butter to your lips before going to bed. Grind rose petals with cream on the top of milk and apply on lips to cure the cracked lips. Take vitamin B, C foods in diet.
Mix 2 drops of glycerine with 1 tsp of cream on the top of milk and apply to the chapped lips and keep overnight to get smooth and shiny lips. Mix equal quantities of nutmeg, turmeric, and fresh butter and apply to lips. Hot water fomentation, followed by a mixture of vaseline and honey applied on the lips at least thrice a week will prevent lips from chapping.

Exfoliate lips - Lips should be moisturized and exfoliated. Exfoliate lips with your gentle facial scrub using a toothbrush or just the tips of your fingers. You can make a paste using baking soda and water to exfoliate lips as well. Work it for a minute and then rinse with lukewarm water.

And the general care of lips - Apply cold cream or moisturizer or lip balm before applying lipstick. To get natural pink lips apply beetroot juice before bed.
Grind rose petals and apply on lips to get smooth pink lips
Apply menthol based lip balm and brush gently on lips to get rid off chapped lips.

Eye make up Latest fashion

Click photos for large view

Eye make up Latest fashion

New Skinny Jeans Are Best For Girls

Skinny Jeans.

This type of ladies' jeans is very popular now. This is very sexy and shows off your womanly curves. However, this might not be the best type of jeans for women with pear-shaped bodies Because it will just overemphasized their hips, Which they do not need. Skinny jeans are best for ladies who have an hourglass figure with long, curvy legs. No matter what look you go for, you will always look sexy.

Skinny jeans have been a popular trend for ages. They actually date back into the 80's, where they were often called "cigarette jeans" and mainly for women. Now, you often see skinny jeans everywhere, even on men! Regardless to its name,

Skinny jeans are best for ladies who have an hourglass figure with long, curvy legs. No matter what look you go for, you will always look sexy.
Skinny jeans have been a popular trend for ages. They actually date back into the 80's, where they were often called "cigarette jeans" and mainly for women. Now, you often see skinny jeans everywhere, even on men! Regardless to its name,

With their origins in the taper leg pants of fifties styled heart throbs such as Roy Rogers and Marilyn Monroe, skinny jeans are still Undoubtedly Imbued with a little of the rebellious glamor that typified such stars - especially as the style became inexorably linked with the birth of rock and roll when Elvis Presley adopted the style to the delight of swooning teenage girls everywhere.
A fresh buzz was injected into the tight denim trousers in the UK in the early 2000s when bands such as The Strokes, The Libertines and later, chose them as their jeans of choice while supermodel Kate Moss is often credited with reintroducing the style to women.
Skinnies then made their way into more mainstream fashion and indie pop, while still retaining a core niche of fans within sub-culture genres such as emo, metal and post-punk. The new popularity of the tight trousers slowly made its way across to the U.S. and with scenesters and indie rockers also Claiming the style as their own, skinny jeans have become a must have item for anyone hoping to inject a little rock and rock into their wardrobe .
Any woman can pull off the flattering trend by following these simple steps


1. Find your body type. To do so, you will need measuring tape and a mirror.
or Take the measuring tape and measure around your bust line. You may not have to measure if you know your bra size. The number (32, 36, etc..) Next to the letter is the distance around your bust line. Write that number down on a piece of paper.
or Next, measure around the smallest part of your waist with the measuring tape. Write that number down as well.
or Lastly, measure around the widest part of your waist, around your hipbones.

2. Check the numbers you've listed.
If your bust line and is the largest and the numbers get smaller as you go down, you have more of a cone shape.
When you buy skinny jeans, make sure they accentuate your curves and do not wear pointy-toed shoes with skinny jeans, they will not make you look proportionate to your upper body.
or If your bustline is smallest and your hips are widest on the list, you have more of a pear shape.
Pear shaped women look best in dark skinny jeans proportionate to your upper half. Also, try wearing a loose flowing top or with your jeans so you do not look too small on top.
If your bustline or is the same or very close to the distance around your hipbones and you are smaller in the middle, you probably have an hourglass figure.
Full-figured women can still wear skinny jeans, do not listen to the fashion mags! Dark jeans look best, but you can wear lighter shades as well. Just make sure not to wear a tight shirt with the skinny jeans. Also, your shirt should be a few inches below your hips but not covering your butt. If you have trouble wearing low-rise jeans (which most skinny jeans are), try looking around and finding high waisted skinny jeans. No one will be able to tell, and they flatter an hourglass figure best.
or If your bustline, your middle, and your hipbones are around the same, you probably have a ruler build.
Do not worry, this means you can wear low rise jeans and not worry about the dreaded muffin top!


• Do not be upset with your figure! Whether it is that you want to be skinnier or fatter, curvier or straight. Skinny jeans are great for accentuating your figure and the parts of your body that you love.
• If you love your butt, opt for skinny jeans with embellishments on the pockets or glitter - which draws attention!
• Also, skinny jeans look excellent for girls with long legs. They literally make your legs look longer!
• Even petite girls can wear skinny jeans. If you are petite, make sure the longest length of the skinny jeans reaches your ankle and no longer - bunching at the bottom near your feet make you look shorter.
• Skinny jeans are an excellent took up new shoes to play with. You can wear them with boots, heels, flats, even sneakers! Also, there is no extra flare length or drawing attention away from your footwear.
• Play around with different styles and washes. Once you find a pair you love, everything else will look even better on you!
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