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Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 ways to learn to love your looks

Study beauty role models: Not to wish you looked like them, but to notice their uniqueness. Think Lauren Hutton’s gap-toothed smile, Andie MacDowell’s tightly-curled hair, Susan Sarandon’s subtle smile lines. Embrace your own unique features.

Splurge on a great haircut: Well-cut hair always looks gorgeous, making you feel that much more beautiful.
Break a bad habit: If you bite your nails, stop. Pick at dry skin? Hands off! Then celebrate your new, good habit with a manicure or a luxe body cream.

Embrace your hair: Wrestling with your tresses usually results in a less-than-pretty outcome. Instead, learn to work with your curls or sleekness, and your hair is guaranteed to look better.
Pare down your makeup: You most likely don’t need foundation, cover-up, cream blush, lip liner, eye liner, eye shadow, contour cream, lip gloss, matte powder…. Instead, limit yourself to the basics and see your skin shine through.

Find your perfect lipstick: One that looks ultra-natural and that brings out your eyes works best (and looks great when you’re wearing no other makeup at all!). Ask a cosmetic salesperson for suggestions.
For one full day, wear no makeup: Be sure it’s a day when you have to venture outside, even if it’s only to go to the drugstore! Note how people treat you just the same when you’re barefaced as when you’re “done.”

Keep your eyebrows groomed: Makeup artists swear that well-kept eyebrows pull your look together, even without any makeup at all.
Get real: It’s okay to admit you’ll never look like Cindy Crawford or Patty Hansen. It’s also okay to be happy about it!

List your life successes: Chances are, they are all things that have nothing to do with your looks. Looks are just one part of your awesome package!

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