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Sunday, August 29, 2010

20 Signs Of True Love

20 Signs Of True Love!!

1) Your heart beats faster when you hear their name
2) Your body melts when you are in their arms
3) They are the only one that you want to be with
4) No one else is even worth looking at
5) You would walk 3 miles in the snow just to see them
6) You will do everything in your power to make them happy
7) When someone asks for your number, you say "you can call my boy/girl friend and get it from them
Cool When every romantic thing makes you think of them
9) When you cry when you won't see each other for a while
10) You go to sleep thinking about them
11) You wake up thinking about them
12) You want to spend every moment with them
13) You don't mind if all they want to do is cuddle
14) Silence doesn't bother you
15) They are not only your lover, but also your best friend
16) You can tell them anything
17) You can go to the movies and actually WATCH the movie
1Cool They are always there for you
19) They are there when times are rough
20) When you say, "I LOVE YOU" and mean it...

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  1. I think you have shared good information for True love.

    Other so many things you can included in this signs. For Example, you do not like when your partner talk with another, you like when he will taking care of you, Smile comes immediately on your face when somebody says name of partner.
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